1、 Brand advantage
International advanced brand dynamic operation system, strong brand influence, more than 30 years of leading experience in franchising.
2、 Open channels and multiple cooperation modes for partners
Single store joining (flexible joining policy, independent promotion plan)
Store counter, special hall (flexible joining policy, independent promotion plan)
Set up regional brand developers with cities as units (fully responsible for the terminal channel construction and brand operation promotion of Progen brand in specific regions)
3、 Low risk, zero inventory
Perfect return and exchange mechanism, flexible and independent sales policy to ensure low risk and zero inventory of franchisees.
4、 Unimpeded information channels for franchisees and companies
Powerful ERP terminal data transmission management system, international leading sales terminal information feedback and instruction transmission channel mechanism, to achieve timely and efficient information communication between franchisees and companies.
5、 Brand new brand promotion concept and operation mode
In addition to the regular TV advertising, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising, network publicity, the company has also established a strategic partnership with hundreds of strong media across the country to jointly promote the development of Progen brand; in addition, the company will also, according to the specific situation of each specialty store, make one-stop brand promotion and sales planning support.
6、 Multi point logistics base, fast and low-cost logistics distribution
Progen has set up regional logistics centers in major logistics hub cities in China, with plate type logistics distribution and mature logistics management mode, to ensure fast and efficient logistics support for franchisees.
7、 Professional and all-round on-site opening support
Before the opening of the new store, the company appoints the opening personnel to assist the site layout, guidance and professional planning team to provide all-round planning support for the opening plan.
8、 Professional, single store operation and management training
According to the specific situation of a single store, the company develops a system, an effective store management process, and regularly conducts targeted business training for store managers and shopping guides.


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