1、 Brand advantages of Budweiser lion:
Guangdong budweishi Tools Co., Ltd. - a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales services. Since its establishment in 2002 Through more than ten years of continuous exploration and innovation, Budweiser lion products have covered 12 series and more than 3500 varieties; with excellent quality, its products have passed iso9001:2015 international standard quality system standard certification and 3C certification; in 2012, Budweiser lion won the title of China's top ten brands of hand tools and other honors; in order to comply with the development trend of made in China 2025, Budweiser lion from high quality, specialization, human nature To develop products from three aspects of chemical design, and to provide users with all-round tool supporting solutions;
Budweiser brand adheres to the business philosophy of long-term quality and common development and benefit sharing with customers and friends. In order to ensure the sustainable development of Budweiser brand, Budweiser brand has profound insight into the pain points of market terminals, forward-looking thinking, transforming traditional proof sales into service-oriented marketing, and will help dealers improve team management and The construction of service system makes the customer-centered service concept continuously upgrade and improve. One belt, one road, is the new mode of Internet thinking and marketing, which enables dealers to complete the new leap from Red Sea to blue ocean. At the same time, following the "one belt and one way" step, Budweiser lion has established experience centers and service centers in more than 50 countries including Southeast Asia, Africa, America and Australia.
Budweiser Lion Brand knows that brand is the basis of future development. In order to further strengthen the competitiveness of the brand, Budweiser lion launched the big media strategy and hired Hong Kong Film Emperor Li Xiuxian as the brand spokesperson. Together with CCTV CCTV1, CCTV4, CCTV7 and other columns, Budweiser lion established its leading position in the hardware tool industry with the help of CCTV's powerful influence. Professional thinking determines survival, while professional thinking determines survival In the process of brand creation, the standardization construction of terminal outlets is the most effective brand positioning.
Budweiser lion carries forward the lion spirit of survival of the fittest and respect of the strong, and actively promotes the culture construction of Budweiser family, pursuing the common prosperity and development of enterprises, partners and employees. Since the establishment of Budweiser tool 18 years ago, we have always adhered to the continuous innovation concept of taking quality as the development basis, strengthening customer service as the core and people-oriented. In the future, Budweiser lion It will become a world-class professional hardware tool brand and create greater value for the society;
2、 Six advantages of Budweiser lion products:
1. The product chain is perfect, the specification is neat, the model is many, satisfies the various demand (12 big series);
2. Excellent design, green environmental protection, harmless material, comfortable handle, meet the human body mechanics design;
3. High cost performance, low price, high quality and popular price;
4. Set of tools for professional use, complete products, easy to receive, easy to carry;
5. Exquisite technology, anti slip and anti falling, safe use, durable;
6. The product innovation speed is fast, meets the market demand, the product quality is stable, the after-sale service is thoughtful.
3, acting Budweiser lion brand six advantages:
1. Strong brand: 18 years brand precipitation, CCTV advertising, star endorsement;
2. High quality product chain: covering more than 3500 varieties of 12 series, all of which have passed iso9001:2015 certification and 3C certification;
3. Rapid innovation and development: product innovation, model innovation, open up online and offline, effectively and quickly solve market pain points;
4. Efficient team: standardized management, efficient implementation, new mode, supporting the horse, sending a journey, really landing;
5. Stable return: new 4S store model, effective replication, rapid promotion; double new customers, stable profit space;
6. The company supports large scale: the conference supports fast collection, the team supports tuokekuai, the mode supports new cloud sales, and there are many brand image gifts.
4、 Six advantages of joining Budweiser 4S store
Budweiser's 4S store new mode solves the terminal pain point for you, makes your market "move" and brings unlimited business opportunities;
1. Effectively solve the online impact, double the product profit, and let your business "move";
2. Quickly break the squeeze of competitors, avoid vicious competition, let your customers "move";
3. Solve the puzzle of new customers, share fission and expand customers, and let your new customers "move";
4. How to avoid debt business, promote profit and make your money move;
5. Effectively improve brand profit, image display upgrade, let your profit "move";
6. Get through online and offline sales, micro transform new cloud sales, and let your online business "move".

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