• 2019.will build a million level "berrylion 4S image store" and start "berrylionsuper terminal mode".

  • 2018.Berrylion Tools Co., Ltd. was upgraded from Guangzhou Berrylion Tools Co., Ltd. to Guangdong Berrylion Tools Co., Ltd. to make the work more efficient! As a new product development standard, its products have passed the iso9001:2015 international quality certification; in the same year, Berrylion hired Hong Kong Film Emperor Li Xiuxian as the brand spokesperson, launched the big media strategy, and became a brand listed by CCTV!

  • 2017.Berrylion think tank team has determined the first stage plan of enterprise development as one hundred years. Berrylion tools and hundred year quality assurance have gradually become the new positioning of Berrylion culture brand development, the new benchmark of industry quality and service.

  • 2016.Set up all-round quality and technical inspection department and take the lead in setting up the industry-leading customer service department.

  • 2014.Berrylion enterprise creates a leading business development team by introducing high-end talents.

  • 2012.Berrylion brand has entered the stage of leapfrog development and is well-known in the international hardware tool industry.

  • 2011.Berrylion brand products are sold all over the world, and products are distributed in more than 50 countries and regions.

  • 2010.Berrylion brand has successively opened official websites, online shopping malls and other advanced network platforms.

  • 2009.Berrylion has established a modern logistics center in Foshan, a manufacturing base in China.

  • 2008.Berrylion has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality certification.

  • 2007.The official flagship store of Berrylion brand has strong presence in Guangfo International Hardware City.

  • 2002.Berrylion Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangzhou, a city in the north of the Pearl River Delta.

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